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Green Trading Capital Partners is an investment manager specializing in the
burgeoning and highly dynamic environmental commodities markets

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The impact on our environment from pollution generated by industrial production, transportation, farming and energy production has been pervasive and undeniable

It has become incumbent on governments and corporates to undertake changes and drive the initiatives necessary to curb pollution and reverse the environmental damage

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Governments employ regulations to encourage transition to cleaner technology and facilitate job creation and investments in public and private green projects

Businesses rely on carbon offsets and recapture projects to meet ambitious net zero goals as demanded by consumers and investors

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Green Trading Capital targets idiosyncratic and highly uncorrelated investment opportunities across environmental markets, investing in allowances, offsets, and credits issued by regulatory programs and relied on by businesses and governments to achieve their environmental and social objectives

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Environmental commodities is an esoteric asset class, highly uncorrelated to major markets and asset classes, with profound and sustainable tailwinds

Valuations and returns are driven by a variety of unique and idiosyncratic dynamics, both fundamental and exogenous, both short-term and long-term

Green Trading Capital employs a multi-strategy approach, opportunistically allocating capital across the environmental markets, capitalizing on emerging and transient opportunities created by the many persisting dynamics

The Green Trading Capital investment team has unique and unparalleled experience in the environmental commodity markets

With over twenty five years of combined experience, the team possesses expertise that covers asset management, structuring and brokerage, consulting and risk management

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